BostonMan Magazine is a regional Lifestyle Magazine geared towards the interests of successful professionals (both men and women!). In addition to the quarterly print magazine we add content to the digital magazine monthly.

The Summer 2023 COLLECTION EDITION DOUBLE RELEASE was our 20th print publication.

Our content is based around charities, sports, business, film, music, fashion, wine, whiskey, cigars, travel, education, tech, design,  and leisure. We aim to showcase everything that is good and right about the city of Boston and its surrounding areas.

There is no ambush journalism, or ‘investigative stories’ with our content. We focus on the positive impacts of the people, places, and events happening in our city.

Every 4-6 weeks we hold private events that have a social/business vibe to them where we attract many of the leaders of their respective fields and industries for an evening of networking, idea sharing, and socializing. Essentially, it is a room and community comprised of the same demographics as the readers of our magazine.

Our events are exclusive “Members Only” experiences reserved for our members, sponsors, advertisers, contributors and their guests. Guests we restrict to two “free looks” to maintain the integrity and exclusivity that our members are paying for. All attendees are pre-registered for our Legacy Club professional networking events.

While most publications and media derive their content “outward/in” we focus ours “inward/out” meaning our members, their businesses, their charities and their interests are the motivation and source material for most of our content.

Each event we highlight, build support, and bring awareness to the numerous non-profits both regionally and nationally that we work with. BostonMan Magazine also donates over $200k annually in advertising space to charitable causes and organizations throughout New England.

In 2023, BostonMan Magazine surpassed $1m in advertising and sponsorships donated to New England based charities and has also generated over $1m in revenue for the hospitality industry around Boston.

For more information on BostonMan Magazine or the Legacy Club, please reach out to Matt Ribaudo at: