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Dear Boston Business Owner,

Looking to be a part of an exciting new regional magazine whose readers are among the most successful business people in the Boston area?  We invite you to join the growing list of advertisers who have chosen BostonMan Magazine to reach their target audience.  

A brand-new quarterly feature based magazine whose readership is among the most well-educated and prosperous, BostonMan Magazine offers informative and thought-provoking articles on a variety of topics relating to our great city.  Our goal is to focus on those people, places and experiences that give Boston it’s unique character, and we seek to present our content from a perspective that is exclusive and compelling.

Since it’s inception, BostonMan Magazine has been causing a buzz among the business leaders in our town who are hungry for information on the issues and affairs that most impact their lives.  These readers, most of whom are members of higher income households within the ’95 Loop’, are a perfect audience for advertisers seeking a new forum for their distinct products and services.  Don’t you think it’s time you joined our team and took advantage of this incredible new marketing vehicle?

Matt Ribaudo
Publisher, BostonMan Magazine


“Several of my friends have been members of the Legacy Club for years in NJ, and I had always heard great feedback about the events and networking opportunities. So I was incredibly excited to become a legacy member when they launched BostonMan Magazine! Having been in sales for the past 30 years, my career hinges upon expanding my social circle and facilitating new relationships. The first 2 events in Boston have provided great opportunity for networking and I can’t wait for the September event.”

Tracy Pallas, VP of Worldwide Channel Sales, Agari

“If you are trying to expand your professional network in a relaxed, approachable setting, look no further than the Legacy Club. The monthly business networking events help connect you with power partners and decision makers. They know how to pack a room and are always mixing up venues to keep a lively setting.”  

Rob Wishnick, VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate

“All it took was one event – I could not get over the number of attendees and the buzz surrounding the event. As with all organizations, networking and developing friendships is key to growing your presence in the business world. In addition, as Legacy members, we have the flexibility of having different team members attend on any given evening so we look forward to each and every event to expand our social circle.” 

Gregg Gravenstein, Senior Vice-President Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley  

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