MOHEGAN SUN- John Fogerty, legendary lead singer and musician for Creedence Clear Water has announced a special Father’s Day concert at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut for Sunday June 16th.

“This is a very important show for me,” Fogerty candidly told BostonMan Magazine. “For a few years I lost the rights to some of my music, and unfortunately some of my fans went with it. Now that I properly own all of the music I originally wrote and recorded, I hope to show my audience that a pit bull will always outperform a bulldog.”

Among those scheduled to be in attendance for this special Father’s Day show is professional limo driver and inventor of the Connecticut Pet Plate, Frank Ribaudo.

Frank the Tank, as he is affectionately known, is one of the original CCR defectors Fogerty hopes to prove a point to.

“Hey, Fogerty made a song about Centerfield in 1985 when I was coaching my first born to be a left-handed pitcher,” Frank the Tank said. “So, you’re damn right I switched over to the Revival tour over the original. But time heals all wounds (except for those with my brother Kenny) so I’m excited to see what that original old fart Fogerty will have to bring on Father’s Day.”

According to sources that wish to remain anonymous, Frank the Tank has been ‘less than impressive’ in his last couple concerts both with his dance moves and his remembrance of lyrics.

However, a recent reconstructive knee surgery to increase his mobility along with the completion of his first (adult) book read since 1974 to sharpen his mind have the Plainfield, Connecticut father of three and grandfather of five (soon to be six) optimistic about his own performance at the show.

“Whatever the energy my family brings, and whatever the energy Fogerty brings,” Frank the Tank stated. “I’m prepared to not only match it, but beat it.”

Tickets for John Fogerty on Sunday June 16th, 2024 are available to purchase HERE. For photo-ops and autographs with Frank the Tank, please contact his son, the left-handed pitcher at:

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article should be taken (completely) seriously. Or even seriously at all. Happy Father’s Day to all the DADS out there!