WHAT do restaurant style cocktails and floral décor have to do with each other? Everything. 

When powerhouse female entrepreneurs Colleen Dunleavy (Dunleavy Floral Design) and Crystal Mills (Wanderlush Boston) teamed up in early 2020 to launch their new venture, Love Child, they let Bostonians in on something the duo had already known for years: flowers and spirits are meant to mesh. 

Offering a unique creative curriculum filled with classes centered around Blooms & Booze at their brick & mortar boutique in South Boston; Love Child’s workshops are designed for customers to learn and play with florals, craft cocktails, and more. 

I was in love the moment I stepped inside their little slice of heaven at 364 West Broadway. 

A few short weeks later, I was back -production crew and all- with Colleen’s beautiful florals draped around my leg and a mouth-watering glass of Crystal’s sparkling wine carefully balanced on my foot, capturing portraits for this edition of Meals on Heels. 

Could we be on to the next big trend for champagne servings at wedding and cocktail receptions? That part remains to be seen!  

In the meantime -if you haven’t already- mozy on down to Broadway in Southie to visit the ladies at Love Child, either with a group or by yourself, to experience a Blooms & Booze workshop.  

Honestly, it’s a perfect combo.. kind of like Colleen and Crystal. 

To see more on how this concept came together go to @BostonFoodJournal and check out our ‘Behind the Scenes’ reel on this shoot and others in the #BFJMealsonHeels series.  


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