If you have always dreamed of jet setting off to Nantucket aboard a private plane, the folks at Fly Louie are now making that dream not only achievable, but also affordable. The New York City based air provider offers the luxury of flying private, but at prices now affordable to commercial travelers.

Starting on Friday (July 19), they will be launching their new private air service aboard an eight-seat King Air 350 from Boston and Nantucket. Fly Louie offers single seat bookings on private flights from Hanscom Field in Bedford offering passengers the opportunity to avoid the hassles of commercial travel associated with Logan Airport.

Credit: Luke Reidy for Lolli Videography

“We were trying to create the best value for folks who fly regularly to Nantucket,” said Julia Takeda, founder and CEO of Fly Louie. “About 40 percent of our customers fly commercial, but we offer a more economical price point and the opportunity to fly private. We are so excited for the launch of our service between Boston and Nantucket on July 19.”

The charming 14-mile long island of Nantucket, which was once the whaling capital of the world is now known for its quaint cobblestone streets, gray-shingled cottages and miles of uncrowded pristine beaches. From beautiful lighthouses to the island’s rich history, these are just a few reasons visitors flock here every summer.

Fly Louie is named after Takeda’s great uncle Lou, who immigrated to the United States from Europe in 1919. She says the name also “honors his entrepreneurial spirit and determination while inviting more folks to become part of the family.”

Why did they decide to create the service? “We were looking to save folks time by offering flights that are more reliable and more accessible,” Takeda added. “We are not targeting the person who is coming for a week or two. Our audience is someone who is visiting the island on a weekend getaway looking to avoid the hassles of travel.”

Credit: Luke Reidy for Lolli Videography

Some of the other Fly Louie benefits include baggage claim and inflight amenities (think local snacks and beverages), instant online booking and easy check-in at the private terminal just 15 minutes prior to departure (they conduct advance TSA background checks allowing you to bypass standard TSA screening). There is also complimentary parking onsite at Hanscom and Fly Louie has no change fees or liquid requirements. Did we mention baby strollers, golf clubs and dogs all fly free?

Fly Louie got its initial start in 2017 with stress-free service between Westchester, NY and Nantucket. Today, they operate 26 flights from Memorial Day through Labor Day on their New York to Nantucket shuttle.

Credit: Luke Reidy for Lolli Videography

Right now, seasonal tickets are available at $495 plus tax for flights every Friday and Sunday starting July 19 through Labor Day. On Sundays, Fly Louie offers off-peak flights to Nantucket for just $195 plus tax. They are looking to possibly expand their service to include golf and ski communities in northern New England and Canada.

For more information, visit www.flylouie.com.