ON WEDNESDAY, September 20th BostonMan Magazine will release their “End of Summer 2023” edition featuring Regan Communications titan George K. Regan, Jr. -founder of his namesake agency- as the cover story at the posh Mariel Underground in Boston’s Post Office Square.

First announced on August 17th, the cover coincides with the 40th anniversary of the public relation maestro’s company -as well as marking the fifth anniversary since the launch of BostonMan’s quarterly publication.

“It’s an absolute honor to have someone who means as much to the city of Boston as George (does) on this very special release,” BostonMan publisher Matt Ribaudo said during a red carpet cover reveal event at JOIA Lounge on State Street on the 17th (August.)

“George Regan is someone I have always considered a mentor from afar,” he continued. “I’m thrilled to be able to tell his story with the same style and prestige that he has so wonderfully told the story of many others over the years.”

But wait, there’s more.

“Initially, we were going to keep this as a surprise, but we will also be honoring George as our inaugural recipient for Boston’s ‘Person of the Year.'” Ribaudo revealed on Tuesday morning, September 19th. “In getting to know George it became abundantly clear how much the city of Boston means to him, and in return, what he mean to the city of Boston.”

Ribaudo says he has held off on going down the “Best of’s” and “Awards” type recognition with his magazine over the first five years, choosing first to focus on the values of community over individuals but felt in telling George’s story -and getting to know him closer- the moment was right to honor a “Person of the Year.”

“For me,” he explains. “This is more of a Lifetime Achievement recognition versus any one or two isolated acts George has done in 2023. George is someone who takes a lot of pride in always doing the right thing, and bestowing this honor upon him is our way of saying ‘thank you’ and doing right by him.”

The private event at Mariel Underground is shaping up to be a remarkable evening all around. Ribaudo and Wave + Woven founder Amanda Vargus are unveiling full details for their highly anticipated “Boston’s Runway Ball” coming December 3rd and the attendee list for Wednesday’s magazine release boasts a “who’s who” in the city of Boston.

Karson Tager from Mix 104.1’s morning show is slated to emcee the evening, and former Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross, Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, and Boston City Council President Ed Flynn are all scheduled to speak.

The cover image, shot by celebrated photographer Eric Snyder, shows George in front of a wall in his office on Union Wharf; depicting many photographs and memorabilia that have held significant meaning to him over the last forty years in the backdrop.

“I’m really excited for this issue of BostonMan Magazine. The love Matt and his team have for this city is evident throughout the pages in each of his publications,” George said. “To be honored on their cover -celebrating our 40-year anniversary- and to be named the city’s first ‘Person of the Year’ by his magazine is something special.”

BostonMan is known for it’s full length, long form “story-telling” brand of journalism.

“It’s the type of timeless magazine writing we grew up with,” Matt explained. “And in my opinion, the best style fit for telling a story as magnificent as George’s. I feel like we did a good job conveying that in this feature. Our readership is in for a treat, and will see why George is our pick for Boston’s 2023 ‘Person of the Year.'”

The “End of Summer 2023” COLLECTION EDITION of BostonMan Magazine will be released on Wednesday, September 20th at a private event at Mariel Underground for BostonMan Legacy Club Members, sponsors, and select guests. The print edition of the magazine and its digital versions will be available to the public on Friday, September 22nd.