WITH this edition of BostonMan Magazine coming out on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, and “The Pride of Lowell” Irish Micky Ward on the cover to boot, what could be the perfect way to celebrate a) the publication’s first weekend release event and b) one of the most iconic boxers to come from this area? 

The combo of Ward with the cover of BostonMan -two of the city’s favorites- got me thinking about what other exemplary collabs, duos, and mixtures are being showcased around town this St. Paddy’s Day. 

Of course my mind always comes back to food, and South Boston hot spot Lincoln Tavern, at 425 W Broadway, has merged two all-time breakfast treasures to serve up one of the city’s most heavenly treats for brunch. 

Combining the age-old mouthwatering buttermilk pancakes with the classic breakfast cereal Lucky Charms, this savory dish is guaranteed to bring you back to the nostalgia and innocence of your youth, while putting the sensory of your taste buds on overload. 

And I haven’t even told you about Lincoln’s Lucky Charms Monkey Bread yet!

FOR the actual engineering of this special MoH entry, it was all about the color green! My green high heel boot, green syrup seeping into and down the pancakes (eventually making its way down my leg as well,) and green Lucky Charms marshmallows topping everything off!  

I was recently asked what the trickiest balancing act I have had to execute has been since starting the MoH series, and well, I can tell you that atoning for ten fluffy pancakes, each of a slightly different weight, and -seemingly- each with a mind of its own was no easy task! 

But with a little bit of that old fashioned ‘Irish luck’ and the motivation to soon be eating, instead of balancing, this delightful dish we bared down and got the shot we desired!  You can check it out HERE on @bostonfoodjournal IG!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 


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