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CONTENT creation is an interesting universe. Like many things in life, you start with a vision, dibble and dabble with various conceptual twists, pivot and adapt where necessary, and always cross your fingers, hoping for the best. 

I hate to admit it, (especially being an Italian-American woman!) but there really isn’t a “can’t miss secret sauce” that you blindly spread across all platforms. 

When I first introduced Meals on Heels, I had a vision in my head (soon to be on my foot) of what I thought this could be. I tried not to think in terms of magnitude of growth, but more along the lines of what I wanted it to represent.  

  1. The obvious: it combines two of my favorites things, savory bites and delicious cocktails on fashionable footwear. 
  1. It gives me an opportunity to showcase many hard-working small businesses in the food & beverages industry. 
  1. Above all else, we are able to bring awareness and recognition to many heart-warming charities in a fun and creative manner. 

Over the last three years (yikes, time flies!) I’ve had meats, breads, spices, syrups, vegetables, liquids of all kinds, and every condiment you can think of dribble off of my foot and down my leg while Tucker and I attempt to capture that perfect shot. (Side note: we never waste any of the food, we always eat it after shooting!) 

We’ve seen MoH go from a social media series, to a tabletop book, to even a scented candle! It’s been quite a ride! 

Click image to purchase in support of St. Jude Children’s & Research Hospital! (While inventory lasts)

IF THERE is one thing I enjoy more than scrumptious foods and drinks though, it is helping children.  

I suppose it was only a matter of time before MoH became an apparel line as well; and as an ambassador to St. Jude Children’s & Research Hospital I jumped at the opportunity to name them as our beneficiary when we unveiled “Irresistable” our inaugural Meals on Heels graphic tee. 

There may not be an exact recipe for that secret sauce of success, but if our content creation is able to build a platform to continue to help beautiful causes, I’d say we at least have the right ingredients. 

And we can all drink to that! Cheers! 


Brittany started The Boston Food Journal in late 2015. With a degree in biomedical engineering and a background in software management, she wanted to create a platform that combined her skills and experience in technology with her long-time love of food and art. Growing up, eating was always a symbol of love, family and togetherness. When she moved to Boston in 2014, she was enamored by the authentic food scene and on a complete whim started The Boston Food Journal. 

In late 2019, Brittany resigned from working her corporate 9-5 to pursue the Boston Food Journal full-time and launch her digital marketing agency, Eleven Seven Media. At Eleven Seven Media, Brittany and her team craft custom digital strategies for clients across multiple verticals, leveraging both creative expertise and analytical insights. Learn more →

Click image to purchase tickets to Boston’s Runway Ball in support of St. Jude Children’s and Research Hospital