GROWING up can be chaotic. Sometimes you feel lost in the noise.Feeling unheard can lead people to find a voice in places that they’ve yet to explore.  

Thus begins a journey of self.  

You find ways to experience, grow and change; to separate from expectation. To be more than expected. To be the unexpected. 

If we’re being honest, to be truly yourself is unexpected. 

The voice you end up finding on this journey is usually unrecognizable to the people that have known you. Some will embrace and others will regurgitate. 

The reaction to this change, the version of you they never expected, is usually indicative of their perspective of you. Their expectations and preconceived notions can precipitate to the surface. 

Everyone has their own version of you. Which one are you going to be? Will you wear the mask for them? Or be who you’re meant to be? 

I AM BRODIE. And I plan to challenge these concepts in my forthcoming EP ‘Masquerade’.  

With plans to release before 2024, I am a multi-faceted artist aiming to lead people into the winter with a sense of self-awareness & humility. 

As a singer/rapper, this is my first official project release since my 2018 effort, ‘Neon Dreams’ released under my former moniker CURTI$Y.   

However, this project is no longer directly associated with the artist I am today.  

So who am I? I am a 27 year old from Wilmington, Massachusetts, a small, blue-collar suburb north of Boston where the only thing going is what is manifested out of boredom. 

As a creative, I aim for the silver line between perfection and artistry.  I challenge my audience to “expect nothing but quality” when they tune into to the music I release, looming to portray my true capacity for the creative arts.  

However, I will always try to bring my audience into my headspace through my other visual & written content. My goal is to allow my audience a chance to feel like they’re along for the journey.  

Late nights, endless hours & a thousand Logic Pro projects later, here I am, at the cusp of my most put-together piece of work to date. 

Leading up to ‘Masquerade’ I will be releasing a string of singles, hoping to garner a “snowball effect” of traction on the build-up to the project.    

The first of such singles, ‘HOLY SHIT’, released on August 25th, is a boisterous rap song aiming for the nightlife scene, and early morning party-goers (this one is for you Lil Boss!) 

Somewhat unexpectedly I come with an infectious hook that leads into punchy bars over a polished 808 driven beat. With this I prove I can curate for a party, while simultaneously showing my versatility as a lyricist, keeping the temperature turnt up as we head into autumn. 

This latest release is coming off the wave of a few of my best performing songs to date. If you are interested in diving into the depths of my artistry, check out: Flawless, Aura, and Heavy Baggage; three singles that are a picture perfect trifecta.   

My process is riddled with symptoms of ADHD. I’m usually working on numerous projects at one time, jumping between visual content and multiple music projects; all the while, balancing a multiple day time endeavors. 

A sporadic sleep schedule leaves me writing, mixing, producing and recording at odd hours; squeezing in any moment in the studio possible. I’m grateful to have a recording studio at my childhood home, where every piece of my music has been manifested. 

A backwood smoker, cognac sipper and, truly, a vibe connoisseur ; I’m searching for my place in a water-logged industry. An industry full of deceit, get rich quick scams and greed.  

As an individual, I like to challenge people’s perspectives, break down expectations and ignore the quota. 

Leading to an existential creative and a realist. Someone who just wants to feel heard. Ironically enough, also someone who now also wants to listen. 

It took me ten years to achieve the sound that I can now translate my thoughts into.  

Ten years of tinkering, making beats, training my voice, my mind, my perspective. 

Ten years of becoming the concrete wordsmith you hear today; mixing 7 different versions of the same songs, 2am car tests, but most of all… the undying need to create. 

My influences are wide-spread, as an artist, it takes a variety of input to create original output. Frequenting RnB both new and old, jazz, alternative and electronically influenced genres. 

Moving forward, I aim to pierce the hearts and minds of all who listen. I want BRODIE to be a house-hold name, but not for the gossip, for the music, for the art.. for the passion I bring to Boston, to Massachusetts, and to music scenes around the globe. 


‘Masquerade’ Coming Soon – @thatsbrodie on IG and X.