Enjoy the journey. Our happiness is all about perspective.  With Covid, we all have noticed that our perspective has changed.  We value things differently now than we did before. However, it’s more than that.  Perspective has been affecting our happiness forever!  When we got our first apartment it was a dream to “move out of mom and dads”.

Before we knew it our perspective changed because our friend had a nicer apartment in a better area.  Just like that our “dream” of moving out is not good enough to make us happy. Why? Because our perspective change.  Things like this will happen time and time again in numerous different aspects of our lives.

Collectively let’s be better at enjoying the moments and enjoying the journey.  Take a second and realize what you have now, is something you dreamed about having at some point in your life.

YOU DID IT.  You have accomplished that and now it is time to enjoy this dream! Soak it in, be proud of yourself, smile, wake up happy and excited because the you of a year ago would be just that!

I am not saying stop striving for more or to slow down your personal growth. We should always be pushing for growth! However, enjoy the journey of the growth.  If we do that we will live our dream 10 times over and then 10 more times! There is a quote I love that says:

“Your terrible job is the dream of every unemployed. Your house is the dream of every homeless. Your smile is the dream of the depressed. Your health is the dream of the ill. Your lifestyle is the dream of somebody else. Don’t let difficult times make you forget your blessings”

Again it is all perspective! That job you hate someone would love to have and so on.  Everything I have mentioned here I myself am also guilty of doing.  So I challenge all of us to take a step back this week.  Appreciate what we have, enjoy the moments, realize how lucky we are and worry less about what someone else has.  That person who we think has more and is affecting our happiness, guess what!? They are not happy because there is someone who has more than them and that is affecting their happiness.  If we continue this cycle we will never be happy!

So let’s start today, because today is someone else’s dream (or our dream from years ago).  So let’s enjoy it! Let’s enjoy the journey and let’s jump dream to dream together!


Mikey V is a Boston based media personality and ambassador to good will throughout the city. You can catch him on Kiss 108 here in Boston, and nationally on his syndicated programming through iHeart Radio.

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