Lets all wake up every day and take a minute to be grateful.

I promise we all have things going wrong, we all have stresses, we all have issues.  However, we ALL have things to be grateful for as well.

If we enter our day with a grateful mind, we will handle our challenges with more success.  Those issues or stresses you may have, is it possible to flip them and be grateful for them?

I have been working on this myself.  Personally, my example is that there are days I am stressed about how much work I have.  However, lets flip it.

Instead of being stressed or annoyed about all that work, what if I my mindset is: “it was a dream of mine to do numerous radio shows a day all across the country.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have all this work.”

By simply changing that perspective my stress became something I am grateful for.  Now, let’s get more personal.  Gratitude does not only pertain to work or stress.

I read a quote the other day that I loved:  “My socks may not match but my feet are warm.”

Seems like a small statement but think about it for a second.  Instead of complaining or being annoyed that your socks may not match, its better to be grateful that our feet are warm.  Clearly the socks are just an analogy.  However, let’s all use that in our life.

Instead of being sad that our car is not as nice as someone else’s lets be grateful we have a car! Every afternoon on Kiss 108, I ask Boston “Why are you smiling?”

This gives the listener a chance to think about something that they are grateful for and share it.  I challenge you, once a week ask yourself, “Why am I smiling!?”

And share that answer with someone! Or even DM me @MikeyVOnAir.  Be brave, be kind, be grateful!

All images used with permission of Mikey V.


Mikey V is a Boston based media personality and ambassador to good will throughout the city. You can catch him on Kiss 108 here in Boston, and nationally on his syndicated programming through iHeart Radio.