Imagine having the ability to not only create an intricate software program that assists law enforcement agents, but also combats human trafficking, the third largest criminal activity in the world. That’s just what MoxēHub is setting out to do. But that’s not all.

They are on a full-fledged mission to become one of the most sophisticated software companies globally, offering cutting edge technology to the healthcare, biotech and ecommerce industries–and it’s all happening right here in Boston.

We caught up recently with MoxēHub’s founder and CEO, Ivan Reilly, to discuss their mission, why they chose Boston as their global headquarters, and some of the projects they are most proud to be associated with.

BMM: Tell us a little bit about MoxēHub.

IR: We are a software development technology company based in Boston. We provide application development, web development, design consultation and cutting-edge disruptive innovations for clients both domestically and internationally. Our value proposition is to help our clients challenge the status quo, think outside the box with unconventional strategies and develop software that goes to market faster.

BMM: Why establish your headquarters in Boston?

IR: I grew up in Ireland, just outside Dublin in a small town. In 2013, I was working as a Program Manager for Houghton Mifflin Houghton (education company) at their Dublin location. After receiving a promotion, they transferred me to their head office in Boston. I have been living here almost six years and immediately fell in love with the city of Boston. From the people and culture to the history and DNA of this city, it speaks to my soul. I am also a huge sports fan and there is no better city for competitive sports than Beantown. There’s also a very European feel and vibe here and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be Irish in Boston [laughs]. The people welcomed me with open arms here and they really treated me like one of their own. There is definitely a unique bond between the Irish and Americans.

Additionally, Boston is a hub for innovation. Companies in the tech and biotech industries such as Google, Facebook, Sanofi, Microsoft, Amgen are all flocking to the city to partake in cutting edge work. Boston has the perfect micro market and resources to support MoxēHub and its partners in growth and success.

Boston has given me so many benefits and new opportunities in my life that I am excited to be able to give back to the city. Working on programs that truly impact peoples’ lives is the “why” of MoxēHub.

BMM: What are your predictions for society as we continue to rely on technology?

IR: There are generations of people coming behind our generation who do not know a world without technology, social media and smart phones. I believe we are going to be a more socially awkward society, developing more nervous dispositions regarding one-to-one human communication. Statistically, we are seeing that the prerequisite for a physical medium office is becoming less and less. In tech, more employees are choosing to work remotely making social office cultures difficult to develop and maintain. Studies show that this is going to affect us significantly and it is all compounded by technology. It’s the most useful and beneficial tool in the world, if used optimally.

BMM: MoxēHub’s focus is primarily on healthcare IOT. Are you looking to expand to other markets?

IR: We are looking to be industry agnostic, but we aim to do a lot of work in the healthcare and ecommerce markets. For example, right now, we are working on a sophisticated piece of software to counteract human trafficking along with sports athletic programs for colleges. We would like to home in on the healthcare and biotech demographic, but also, we want to be as agnostic as possible. At the moment, we are working on various projects that meet our business core value proposition.

As mentioned, one of them is a software program that will address criminal networks. It’s an anti-human trafficking program which is a trillion-dollar business here in the US. When working in this space, working with governmental institutes and enagaging with national heros you realize that the market research required to understand the business and user need is deeply complex and opaque. From conception all the way through to program execution we have been continuously challenged as a team to perform with empathy and excellence. We were lucky to be chosen to build this sophisticated software so that first responders’ reaction times to a potential case is expedited. Right now, or typically if an adverse event is logged via the hotline, it could be six weeks by the time it arrives at the law enforcement agent’s desk. Our program aims to remedy this by using advanced AI technology, intuitive algorithims and core stakeholder principles. In addition to developing the software for our client “AINA,” I have been added to their company’s Board of Directors and acting CTO. The proof of concept (POC) is being unveiled at the IACP (International Chief of Police) annual conference at the end of October in Chicago. Full product commercialization will go live in Q3 2020.

We also worked with a college institution developing a sports application solution for their NCAA soccer team. It allows the user to log, monitor, view and maintain their full athletic performance matrix data. With modern sports atheltes living in this digital age, we are seeing huge demands for solutions that track all core competencies pertaining to biomarkers, data analytics and remote monitoring, which truly provide unique individual feedback loops for the athletes and coaches.

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