WHEN I decided to write my first book I wasn’t sure that I had a story worth telling.  I wasn’t sure if my story was one that would make an impact or inspire.  I also wasn’t sure that I even had a full book in me.  Did I have enough content for a full book and was I even worthy?  These thoughts and feelings are fairly normal.   

I had a strong case of imposter syndrome wrapped up with feelings of inadequacies and insecurities that were deep rooted in my psyche.  My story isn’t unique.  I’ve found that virtually everyone at some point in their life feels the same.   

Whether it been at work, or on the athletic field.  Whether it be our own personal body image issues and fear of not being accepted.   

But, what I’ve found is that when we tell our story whether it be in written word or spoken, something remarkable happens. First, when we tell our story no matter how messy it is, we get a cathartic release.  We turn our mess into our message.   

The second thing I found was by sharing our story we find that it is in fact NOT unique.  Which makes us relatable.  It brings us all closer.  For me the third thing is what changed my life.  When I told my story in my first book Ask More Get More my world expanded, my reach expanded and doors opened that were otherwise closed.   

Opportunities came my way that I never dreamed possible.  My business exploded, my financial future changed forever and my Connection Capital grew by leaps and bounds. 

I never considered myself a writer or an author.  In fact in high school I graduated with a 1.97 GPA.  Embarking on the journey of writing a book was intimidating, scary and overwhelming.  The imposter syndrome reared its ugly head.  My fears of “what will people think” also came to the front of my consciousness.  I was scared.   

But, as I started writing down these stories and lessons I learned I could feel a shift happening. I knew I wanted to help people, I knew I had been through some difficult times and I knew if I shared with the world these stories that I was in fact going to help people.  

Since my first book I’ve gone on to write seven books for various reasons.   

My books are now sold all over the world and I routinely get people reaching out.  But, the one thing that is most common amongst the outreach is “how can I tell my story”, or “Mike can you help me tell my story”?   

What I’ve found more times than not is that most people don’t have a full book in them.  They have one or two inspiring stories but they don’t have a full book.   

As a result of this their story never gets told, and their lives stay where they are.  These people, just like you want more.  They want to help others just like me.  But they get stuck in the process.  It took me years and millions of dollars to figure out how to navigate the literary world.  So, I get it.   

As a result of the success of my books and the fairly consistent outreach from people we launched my company Alden Publishing a few years ago.  Since that time we have helped hundreds of authors tell their story, build their brand and also become a best selling author.   

Not just on Amazon.   

We’ve worked with authors who now have the title of New York Times, Wall Street Journal or USA Today best selling author.   

Our fee to do this runs into the six figures and most people don’t have that kind of money sitting around.   

So, after years of trial and error and millions of dollars spent we developed a proprietary system that can not only take someone’s story and amplify their brand.  But, we can take that story and build a business. Virtually overnight. 

Picture a day when you no longer have to rely on your regular job for income.  Picture a day when your story is inspiring people all over the world while you provide for your family. Picture a day when you pay off your mortgage because your story gets you paid day after day, literally in your sleep. 

I didn’t think it was possible either until I saw not only my own future change but the futures of countless other people who are now best selling authors.   I’ve watched authors go from relative obscurity to millionaires as a result of telling their story in book form.   

Do you have a book in you?  Maybe.  But most have a story or two that can change the world, they just don’t know how to get it out to the masses.  The publishing world is difficult to navigate. But more importantly the marketing is the hardest part.  There are lots of mistakes that can be made.  I’ve made them.   

But, the story; your story needs to be told.  

I’ve been writing for BostonMan since its inception and I want to offer you something that can change your future.  Do you have a brand, a business or a story that you want to share?  Do you want to be a part of a community? Are you ready to accept the success that will come by sharing your story? Are you willing to invest in yourself?   

If you want more, If you want to tell your story and are ready to break through then I want to help make it happen for you.  I’m not going to charge you six figures to make it happen for you. Rather, I’m practically going to give away.    

Years of experience and millions of dollars spent by me you can now leverage.  If you want not only what I’ve done, but what I’ve done for countless others, send me a DM on Instagram to @MikeAlden with the word “Boston” and let me and my team take you, your business and your life to the next level. 

I want to leave you with this story.  When I was in first grade, I was in the top reading group for a couple months.  But I had trouble with a couple books and my teacher pushed me down to the lowest reading level.  I remember what that felt like. I was already a kid from the projects wearing clothes from the Salvation Army.   

My self esteem was already fragile.  I was basically called stupid and told I would never make it beyond the lower reading level.  Well, Mrs. Anderson was beyond wrong.  As I type this article, I am a 3-time Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Selling author with a Jurid Doctorate degree.   

My books are sold all over the world and translated in multiple languages and change lives.  You too can change lives someday.  It’s an amazing feeling.  

Are you ready?  Send me a DM with the word “Boston” on Instagram to @MikeAlden and I will make it happen for you. 


Michael Alden, a graduate of Suffolk Law School and a three-time Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller, is from Beverly, MA.  He has contributed to Forbes, Huffington Post, CNBC and, Entrepreneur, and was awarded Boston’s 40 Under 40 Award.  To learn more about Michael Alden, visit here. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @MikeAlden2012