Legacy Club Member Cale Anjoorian is on a quest to develop the world’s healthiest and best tasting bread. Count BostonMan Magazine among those that believe he has done just that!

After heading up technology solutions in the pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing and entertainment industries, it was only fitting that Cale Anjoorian would set out on the personal challenge to create a healthier alternative to bread. Meet Lifebred, the gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, yeast free, gum free, NON-GMO bread made in Lynnfield, Mass. that is vitamin enriched and protein packed.

“I have always eaten clean and absolutely love bread, it was the bookends to most meals during childhood,” Anjoorian said. “For 10 years, I only ate raw vegetables, fruit and tuna fish. I would forego everything that was delicious, not because I had a food allergy, but because of the long-term negative effects refined/processed foods have on the body.”

What was Anjoorian looking to set out to accomplish when creating Lifebred? “Our food choices today and consumption of refined foods must change, and I must do what I can to make a difference,” he said. “I wanted to bring impact to the food industry that would help people and be cutting edge. I wanted to find a way to create a bread that covered as many allergens as possible, has a health benefit and more importantly, tasted good. I’m a challenge chaser, so it was interesting to me to deconstruct it and look for an innovative way to do it better. The problem with many so called “healthy” breads out there today is they have no taste, not to mention their short shelf life. It took two years of R&D working with culinary scientists to ensure Lifebred was frictionless, all-natural and most important that it tastes good; then another year working with a chef to make Lifebred an amazing consumer bread. When refrigerated Lifebred has a three-week shelf life without any degrading of the bread at all so it’s incredibly durable.”

As for the taste? “The proof is in the pudding,” he said. “Once a customer tastes our bread, the rest is easy, they are hooked. There is a variety of tastes between the four versions of Lifebred. From a sweet tone (good for French toast to bread pudding) or a more natural tone for sandwiches/paninis, we made sure we can cover all sittings from breakfast to dinner. I look at this as a simple replacement for bread – a bread you can also enjoy just on its own. At our booth during the food expos, we would cut the bread into little squares and served it natural “right out of the bag” and a toasted option. The reward for me was seeing people’s faces light up when they were trying it. They would go from a shocking smile to a look of confusion asking, ‘how did you do this without any of the standard bread ingredients?’ They couldn’t believe how good it tastes.”

Anjoorian says the best part of creating Lifebred has been the ability to change someone’s life. “I wanted the opportunity to affect someone’s life in a positive manner,” he added. “There are folks with severe allergens or digestive issues, etc. and they are extremely limited in their food selections. To introduce Lifebred into their life, see them enjoy it and bring taste back into their life, that’s why I did it. I wanted to do my part to make change, that’s what Lifebred is – a healthy change.”

Tasting is truly believing.