ON MONDAY November 13th, The Runway Ball of Boston announced that Creme de LA MER by Estee Lauder will be a featured spotlight for their forthcoming December 3rd fashion show at Boston Park Plaza.

Image via La Mer by Estee Lauder

The collaboration, spearheaded by LA MER ambassador Racine Bell, is a seamless fit, according to Runway Ball co-founder and BostonMan Magazine publisher Matt Ribaudo.

“Racine’s passion for fashion, self-care, and the health and beauty industry are unmatched in this city,” Ribaudo said. “We’re ecstatic that she is able to bring the magic of LA MER to Boston’s Runway Ball.”

LA MER, widely regarded, as the most coveted skincare brand in the world, is considered the fountain of youth among natural products.

Created in 1986 by Max Huber -a physicist who understood the effects of light, sound, energy -and the miraculous healing powers of the ocean- La Mer has been the ‘go-to’ skin cream for celebrities, athletes, and skin care enthusiasts throughout the world for the last twenty-five years.

Macrocystis pyrifea, a sea kelp that grows two to three feet per day, is the basis of the broth in the LA MER cream. According to Huber’s research, this kelp is one of the most powerful life rejuvenators -and healing components- known.

Image via La Mer by Estee Lauder

Final details of the collective collaboration have not been released, but sources say will likely include an activation center for attendees, gift bags for guests in the VIP Mezzanine, and use of product for models on the runway.

“My worlds are coming together!,” Racine said with a laugh. “I love that we are able to combine upscale fashion with upscale skin care together for this iconic Runway Ball.”

Image via Racine Bell

All images belong to and used courtesy of La Mer and Racine Bell.

To purchase tickets for Boston’s Runway Ball, please click here. For more information on La Mer products please reach out to Racine Bell at: Racine_bell@neimanmarcusstores.com