OWNING and operating your own restaurant can be a daunting -and even sometimes haunting- task.  

Although she often makes it look easy, Boston native Nicole Liu has certainly experienced her share of ‘spookiness’ throughout an illustrious career in hospitality that includes stops at The Langham Hotel in Chicago and The Plaza Hotel in NYC. 

In 2018, Nicole opened her ultra-trendy concept Vester in Cambridge, which features her refinery of kaffes, espressos, and teas. Champagne, wine, sake, and beer is also served, as well as a delicious assortment of seasonal selections. The upscale and vibey café was an instant hit (try the homemade granola and you’ll understand why!) and she has since opened a second location on W First Street in Southie.  

VESTER’S most supernatural encounter though, perhaps took place this past Halloween when we ventured over to SK Pierce’s Haunted Victorian Mansion for this MoH photoshoot! 

Sylvester Pierce -a business titan who’s success in manufacturing furniture earned Gardner, MA the nickname “Chair City” across an entire industry- had the massive home built in the late 1800’s, because his family needed to live in a place that was “suited for a man of his stature.” 

Over the years, guests of the mansion have experienced everything from voices, chanting, full body aspirations, moving furniture, screens flying off windows, slamming doors, the sounds of footsteps on the stairs and halls, sudden temperature changes, foul odors, shadow people, and even an ominous lion’s roar that shakes the whole house! 

This past autumn, it was said that some guests -looking outside their window- are believed to have even saw a woman, wearing a strappy black heel, balance some type of purple drink or potion upside down on her foot at the mansion’s entrance. 

Yikes! I guess this place really is haunted! 


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