“Hockey has been my greatest love since I was about 5 years old, and that’s about the time when I knew I wanted to play at the highest level possible,” says Chris Moquin, New Hampshire native and professional hockey player for the Sydney Bears in Australia.

Growing up in Hooksett NH, Moquin had tried every sport he could from soccer to baseball and golf. In his heart, however, he knew that playing hockey was what he was born to do and it was evident in his role on the hockey team at Trinity High School in Manchester where he helped bring his team to the state championships in just his sophomore year. Not long after, Moquin found himself playing for the New Hampshire Junior Monarchs, even winning a national championship with them during his first year.

Chris Moquin knew he wanted to be a hockey player from a very early age.

From there, it was off to St. Anselm for a semester before transferring to Southern New Hampshire University. “I never looked back,” says Moquin, who spoke to us about how the campus was just right for him. “I was a 2 year Captain during my senior and graduate student seasons, and eventually won the NE-10 Championship with SNHU in that final season.” He also worked with a non-profit organization called Safe Sports, a walk-in clinic that supports athletes in sports injury therapy and treatment for kids and teenagers in Southern New Hampshire.

After the season, Moquin left the campus with his Master’s degree..but says he wasn’t quite ready to use it just yet. “At this point, I had pretty much always been close to home where my parents and younger sister were…things just worked out the way they did that I was always local.” With his talents now being shown on larger stages, professional opportunities began to pop up for Moquin with interest from teams in France, Sweden, and Australia. 

Australia in particular caught Moquin’s eye, he says, because the seasons are flipped. “I could come to play the winter here (in Australia) while it was summer in the US. This would give me the chance to play the highest level of competitive hockey during the offseason for the rest of the world.” While it was a lot of hard work, the move certainly came with rewards. Moquin just signed a professional contract with Amals SK in Amals, Sweden, to start this September.

“Not only am I fulfilling my lifelong dream of playing professional hockey, but I am also able to travel the world while doing so.”

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