Meet Brynn Beaudoin

VN: As a woman whose been in the modeling industry for many years, I’d love for you to tell us how early on in life you got into modeling and how you think it shaped your life going forward?

BB: I started modeling when I was around three years old, my mom knew the industry well and would bring me to all my jobs and castings. I didn’t really understand it, but it was fun and felt like playing dress up. As I got older, my family situation changed and I no longer had the option to continue. I also wanted to focus on academics and sports. I got back into it around nineteen years old, and that was when my life changed forever.

I never thought I would leave Massachusetts and be able to live in other countries and cities. The doors opened and I had to quickly learn how to balance a full time career and traveling along with pursuing my other goals. I had to figure out the best way to maintain my physical health,  as well as my mental health due to the constant criticism and pressures of the industry. On a larger scale, it initially shaped my life moving forward because I realized my strong passion for the fashion industry. Every job and opportunity became an escape. The experience has been inspiring and exciting to meet and work with other creatives.

VN: Looking through your IG, it’s beautifully and thoughtfully put together. I truly appreciate an aesthetic feed like yours!

How did you create/grow your social media presence and is this something you leverage as a model?

BB: I’ve always viewed my social media as my portfolio and personal blog because agents and brands follow me. In general I just love everything to be aesthetically pleasing, from my socials all the way to my plates of food. Back when IG was first a thing, I used to work and model for Brandy Melville and initially gained a following from them.

I then since have been able to shoot with a lot of photographers and brands that have a large followings. Social media has always been a great way to leverage yourself within the industry, I love that I can share what I want and my personality and other interests and not have an agent control my image. However, as of recent I’ve tried not to take it as seriously share whatever makes me happy.

VN: Professionally, you work at an advertising firm. How did you get into this career path and is there’s anything else you’re currently working on? 

BB: Yes, I work at an advertising firm remotely based out of NYC. I graduated in 2020 with a degree in Business/Marketing and felt like this was the right path for me with all my experience within fashion, entertainment and social media. It took me a while to figure out this next step after modeling for so long. I never felt fulfilled doing one over the other.

I am currently not working on anything else besides continuing to model and staying focused on growing and learning as much as possible within my new career surrounding the ad space.

VN: Modeling is glamorous and there are tons of perks, but how did the overall experience shape you as a woman? What benefits did you take from it that is more-so ingrained in your soul rather than a materialistic benefit?

BB: Modeling is glamorous, but it can also be the very opposite of that with my patience, working with different types of personalities. My confidence, speaking and acting in front of strangers. My sensitivity, having somewhat of a backbone and knowing I am enough. And lastly, my judgements and perceptions of places and people, nothing and no one is perfect.

Most importantly, I have really learned to just let things be, we are all on our own path and will have our big moment. Never blow out someone else’s candle to make your own light shine brighter.

VN: There’s so much passion in your story revolving fashion. Do you have any dreams of being in the fashion industry outside of modeling? What would your dream job be?

BB: To launch my own clothing brand.

VN: From traveling the world as a model, to working at an advertising firm outside NYC, and living in different cities, you’ve experienced so much personally and professionally.

What advice would you give the women reading this interview?

BB: When you’re in your early 20’s you’re truly just trying to figure yourself out. So just try things out and say yes to more! Your goals will change and that just means you’re growing into the person you’re meant to be.

Modeling has helped me in all aspects of my life, networking for the next career step and building long lasting friendships. I am so happy I went for it!


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