ON THURSDAY DECEMBER 1ST, The 7uice Foundation, founded by Boston Celtics all-star Jaylen Brown, will be hosting their 2nd annual gala at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to help raise funds and build awareness towards a foundation with goals of creating a future that holds a more equitable society. The evening will be co-hosted by two of Brown’s Celtics teammates: Blake Griffin and Grant ‘Batman‘ Williams.

“Jaylen and everyone with 7uice Foundation are super excited for this year’s gala,” says Christa Jones, who is running point guard on putting the spectacular together. “There are many inspirational updates forthcoming from the foundation and MFA is the perfect venue for us to host with.”

Image by Michael Blanchard Photography

7uice (pronounced ‘Juice’) was created by Brown in 2019 to positively impact the lives of disadvantaged youth -not just throughout Boston but across America. The effort is to instill new educational programs and opportunities bridging gaps between different generations and race.

“Ninety-five percent of people can only see the world through their lens,” says Brown. “The other five percent are special, the ones that can get outside of themselves and see the world for what it really is. As humans that is something we should try and do a lot more of.”

Brown, who dons ‘7’ on his Celtics jersey, has identified his number namesake in key focus areas and education as the heart and through line of the 7uice Foundation. They are: Systems Reform, Equity in Opportunity, Mental Health & Wellness, Food Access, Financial Literacy, Activism & Politics, and Sustainability.

Image courtesy of 7uice Foundation

The mission, explains Brown, is to partner with other leaders and institutions throughout our communities to create a gateway curriculum for impoverished youth that builds towards higher education surrounding these areas of concentration.

“I don’t think this is a colored thing, or a color dynamic,” he states. “I think this is something all human beings should have sympathy and care about. We want to make education fun again.”

Emerging as one of the NBA’s top players, Brown is averaging career bests in scoring (25.6 ppg), rebounding (6.7 rpg), and shooting (50% FG/80% FT) for the Celtics so far in the 2022-23 season.

He is equally magnetic a leader off the court as he is on and says that it is imperative he uses the platform he has helped build with basketball to be a voice for others.

“It’s a responsibility from my parents for me to pull others up as you continue to move forward,” he reasons. “What good is it if I make it to a certain platform and only think about myself? It’s important to think about others and think about the community that I come from. Because a lot of times there’s a disconnect as I navigate and make it through these barriers.”

Image by Michael Blanchard Photography

Brown finalized the alliance with Museum of Fine Arts in September while touring the educational institution with his mother Mechalle and brother Quentin. During their visit they observed the ‘Obama Portraits’ and met with students from MFA’s various teen programs. This led to the tip-off of their first collaborative effort on October 3rd, an open forum panel discussion titled: “The City Talks: Leading from Anywhere.”

Originally founded in 1870, MFA Boston boasts 8,161 paintings with more than 450,000 works of art, making it one of the most comprehensive collections in the Americas. It is the 20th largest art museum in the world and an ideal fit for the type of higher education the 7uice Foundation represents.

Image by Michael Blanchard Photography | Art by Trevaughia B. (Age 10)

THE GALA ON DECEMBER 1ST is next in what Brown hopes to be a long and cause worthy partnership with MFA and will take place from 7pm-9pm. Recommended dress is semi-formal attire and the event is sold out.

There will be a host of activities throughout the evening, Christa Jones explains, with all being reflective of The 7uice Foundation’s educational and entertaining composition. Attendees may select one of three levels for a ticket purchase: $300 Rookie (rotunda access only), $500 All Star (excludes VIP/MVP Room) and VIP/MVP for $700.

VIP tickets include a 7uice T-shirt and access into the VIP Room, where Jaylen Brown and the 7uice Foundation have carefully crafted an “MVP experience” for those participating at this level.

Refreshments will be provided for all, there will be both a live and silent auction, and -in addition to co-hosts ‘Batman’ and Griffin- a variety of entertainment. Brown will provide a foundation update as well as give personal recognition to each of the VIP/MVP guests. NBC Boston will be providing exclusive media coverage of the gala.

“This is going to be a very nice evening all around,” Jones says. “We encourage as many people in the community to come out and join us. Every ticket sold and dollar raised is going directly towards building necessary education and programs in the seven focus areas of the foundation. We look forward to seeing everyone on December 1st!”

Donations can also generously be received at: The 7uice Foundation – PO Box 540403 – Waltham, MA 02454

Image by Michael Blanchard Photography