HEY everybody, for those who don’t know who I am, I’m the guy you’ve probably seen muscle chugging VUEs at Tall Ship everyday in the summer. It’s Gordie Gronkowski.

When my brother, Rob, was drafted for the Patriots in 2010, I was playing professional baseball and was acquired by the Worcester Tornadoes at the same time. (Yes, there was baseball in Worcester before the WooSox came to town.)

We actually drove here together from Buffalo in two separate cars following each other the whole way. In true Gronkowski fashion, we had to entertain ourselves for the 6.5 hour drive. So Rob would start pretending he was driving with no hands by putting his hands in his shirt, shaking his shoulders at cars that drove by to see their reaction. Then I would drive by behind him with my shoes on my hands like mittens to mess with the drivers near us.

In my mind, this was the best way to introduce Boston to the Gronk Bros and just a hint of what was to come!

After my career in professional baseball ended, I joined my family’s company, G&G Fitness. We decided to open up a division of G&G called Gronk Fitness and make our own equipment. I moved back to Boston in 2016, and I’ve been a BostonMan (pun intended) ever since.

I started a Gronk Fitness division in the New England region where we have built gyms and fitness centers decked out in our equipment for universities, high schools, police and fire stations, companies, multi-family developments, and even personal gyms.

My family and I really value our health; we have fun, but we make it a priority to stay healthy. We workout, eat clean, and we always try to make people smile. That drive and positive lifestyle applies to our  personal lives, and to business.  Whether it’s Gronk Fitness equipment (that my dad started over 30 years ago), my brother Chris’s Ice Shaker, our family’s Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, or one of my newest ventures, VUE Drink, we are always aiming to help others stay healthy and to give back to our communities.

Personally, I get a lot of my business sense from my Dad, “Papa G” (Gordon Gronkowski Sr). He is one of the hardest workers I know and he pushes me and inspires me to do my best every day.  He started our family business over 30 years ago and he’s taught my brothers and I what it takes to get in shape and stay that way from personal experience.

He instilled a strong sense of business in all of us and everything we do ties back to fitness. For example,  we created Ice Shaker, As seen on Shark Tank and invested in by Mark Cuban. It’s an insulated kitchen grade stainless steel bottle that’s third party tested to keep your drinks cold for 30+ hours and it has a patented twist in agitator that will break up powders & strain your drinks. Ice Shakers can be used daily, whether it’s in a workout or just for staying hydrated at work, or your morning smoothie.

This goes hand in hand with my new product called VUE Drink, a new healthy functional beverage company. Part of the reason why VUE was established  is because there are really no healthy options on-the-go. VUE products fuel your body naturally with antioxidants combined with specific vitamins and minerals to boost mental clarity and overall health. They are plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and contain only naturally occurring sugar and caffeine, no preservatives and no artificial colors. Our goal was to make the healthiest, cleanest beverage in the marketplace using packaging that is 100% environmentally sustainable while tied to a foundation that gives back to the community. It’s important to VUE to help others be their best self, which is well aligned with how I try to live my life.

On that note, we are heavily involved in the communities we live in. Our family’s foundation, Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, is dedicated to inspiring youth to reach their maximum potential through sports, education, community and fitness. Our mission is to help kids stay actively involved in school and sports and provide them with the tools needed to help them follow their dreams and live a happy and more successful life. We do several charity events each year, but our main target right now is building a 2M dollar Gronk playground on the Esplanade. The playground is slated to be completed Spring 2023, and we are pumped for the kids of Boston.

It’s especially cool that the playground will be so close to the hospitals and will have easy access for kids who are there getting treatment with their families. My brothers and I will definitely be using it too!

My VUE (view) on life is to wake up every day and be happy.  I always focus on staying positive, spreading good vibes,  working hard x productive, and aim to continually improve each day. Stay grounded and stay hyped, because that type of attitude will make all the difference for you and for those around you. Keep making the work a better place and most importantly, have a blast while doing it.


Gordie Gronk -affectionately known as Gronk Bro #1- is a high energy, healthy mindset enthusiast whose positive vibes are contagious wherever he is! A former professional baseball player, Gordie has been a trendsetter in the health and fitness industries for years. From Gronk Fitness to his latest venture VUE Drink, Gordie continues to elevate himself and everyone around him!