Create your most inspiring life through personal style.

LET’S throw it back for a minute, do you remember the crazy amount of satisfaction you got from rearranging your bedroom as a kid?  Or getting excited to go back to school shopping with your parents imagining who you could become that upcoming school year in your new clothes??  It was the JAM!  And truly it still is because let’s be honest those same feelings never really leave us.

That feeling is sometimes referred to as visual dopamine and I’ll let you in on little secret, it’s REAL.  In fact, there is evidence to prove our brain chemicals are positively altered once we start practicing “dopamine dressing”.  This is the conscious practice of wearing clothing that naturally boosts your mood and reflects your core personality.  And we’ve all heard the saying “you are a product of your environment” so when we spend most of our lives at home, you want a space that makes you happy and portrays who you are.  Dopamine is the feel-good chemical and we all want more of it.

So how do you get there? This is about knowing and owning your individual vibe, not chasing every shiny new trend. For me this presents itself like this; royal blue is my power color and I see this manifest itself in ways like absolutely nailing a business meeting or presentation when I wear it.  I attract positive outcomes because I feel confident in what I am in.  On the flip side, and just as important, I’ve learned what doesn’t work.  Try as I might and regardless of how it LOOKS on my body, ruffles/tulle/lace just doesn’t do it for me.  It’s not aligned with my direct and masculine personality.

And let’s talk for a minute about your interior aesthetic. Not everyone’s style is modern farmhouse and we shouldn’t all have a Pinterest board filled with white kitchens and shiplap accent walls like Joanna Gaines.  Just because something is good for an influencer or celebrity, does not mean it’s good for you.  In that instance you are just replicating style, not creating it for yourself.  We believe in creating customized home transformations that are rooted in what lights you up and is special within your existing space.

The most stylish people on the planet one could argue are originals, they’re able to authentically express and communicate who they are without saying a word.  They are the ones that know what best fits their home, body type, personality, coloring etc. and they develop a uniqueness that morphs into their personal brand. They don’t walk into a room and care if anyone likes what they’re wearing, because they like it and own it.

There are certain situations that can often call for reinventing yourself and like many, I’ve been through some of them; becoming a new parent, moving, changing careers, divorce, body changes etc. In these times we can either find a new sense of style or end up feeling lost.  But here’s my advice, don’t wait until you lose the ten pounds or buy the dream house.  Life is happening today and a worthy investment in yourself.  As we evolve, your home and wardrobe should evolve with it.

Our mission at our company, Wave + Woven, is to empower people through personal style.  Last week a client emailed us after her in-home visit and said “Thank you both for helping me get a fresh start.  I appreciate the confidence boost and support to get outside my comfort zone”. This is the ultimate sense of satisfaction for me right here – helping others get a different perspective on what is possible for YOU. And that extra added confidence you’re left with, well, it’s often the total game changer.


Amanda Vargus spent her career in the music industry before pivoting into fashion. She excelled in the industry as a Luxury Manager with The RealReal, a high-end resale website, where she specialized in closet editing and was in charge of merchandise acquisition in the northeast. Now Amanda runs her own independent personal styling company, Wave +Woven, and consults with entrepreneurs, executives and elite professionals to create more exciting and functional wardrobes. Helping clients find their original and unique style through fashion is her passion.

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