“There is no bigger support system in life than family. Even in those moments when you feel most alone or isolated, your family is the source of power that will always be there for you and keep you pushing forward.”    -Kelly Brabants

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When you think of the common characteristics that successful entrepreneurs possess, most lists will include some combination of the following: motivation, creativity, persuasiveness, vision, versatility, risk tolerance, flexibility, and decisiveness.

The truly gifted go even deeper.

“Passion,” Kelly Brabants, founder and CEO of Booty by Brabants reveals. “Crazy passion. You either have it or you don’t. You’re born with it. Passion is not something you can learn.”

By now, even the most casual of observers have witnessed the impact of the global brand Kelly and the Brabants family continue to build.

What started with a series of unique workout classes in a small downtown Boston studio has quickly evolved into the world’s most functional leggings, a motivating fitness app, a vitamin-infused energy drink, and a promise of much more to come.

At the heart of all of it all for Kelly and Booty by Brabants (BBB) is the power in family and community.

But in order to truly understand the brilliance of Kelly Brabants, it is important to go deeper.

Dance the Night Away

 “Dance was everything growing up,” Kelly reflects.

From as early as she can remember, Kelly wanted to be a dancer and entertainer among the stars- and accordingly, everything in her life revolved around this ambition.

“She was the easiest kid to shop for at Christmas,” Don Brabants, Kelly’s father, says with a laugh. “All we had to do was give her a couple of microphones and a mirror.”

Kelly would set up her bedroom as her own stage, with each of her teddy bears and stuffed animals having front row access for that evening’s magical performance. She shared her childhood room with her older sister Kristen, who was typically unamused and happy to give up her seat. Today, Kristen is one of Kelly’s biggest supporters and she never misses a moment to show how proud she is of her little sister’s accomplishments.

“In my eyes I was dazzling them,” Kelly remembers, referencing her stuffed animals. “I was there in my little pajamas envisioning all of it. I envisioned the stage, I envisioned the people, I envisioned the feeling of everyone looking at me. I created this dream world, but it was a realistic dream world as much as my family couldn’t understand it at the time. I’m a realistic dreamer.”

Image provided by the Brabants family

And the more Kelly performed, the better she became. Evenings and weekends were dedicated to the dance studio and competitions. Kelly would drill a new technique for hours until she could complete it to her satisfaction.

“I would literally come home with calluses and bleeding most nights,” Kelly states. “But it was so important to me, I was determined to be a perfectionist with my routines. It was that kind of drive.”

Don and Kelly’s mother, Neiva, would encourage her to take part in school activities and have more of an ordinary adolescence, but Kelly relented.

“I told her she was going to end up having her feet amputated if she kept this up,” Don says.

But even if Don did not totally understand it, Neiva did, and the parents continued to offer their undying support, which included allowing Kelly to stay home from family vacations in order not to miss a single competition. Kelly is fortunate to also have had the support from her Godmother Leila, a strong and resilient Brazilian woman who came to the United States in 1989 (one year before Kelly was born) and never missed an opportunity to cheer her on, even staying back while the rest of the family went on vacation, so Kelly wasn’t alone.

As Kelly reached her pre-teen years, she found herself in the somewhat unheralded position of competing as an independent in some of the most prestigious competitions in the area.

Looking back, Kelly admits this wasn’t totally normal: “I was twelve years old and had the mentality of an adult. At the end of competitions, all of the other teams would gather around and celebrate together during the medal ceremonies, and I was just sitting there by myself with my coaches.”

It was these moments of isolation though, competing as much against herself as she was other teams, that further molded and honed the laser focus and determination of a young Kelly Brabants.

Image provided by the Brabants family

Baby One More Time

 In the late 90’s as Kelly was carving out a name for herself in regional dance circuits, another young lady was captivating the world stage with a similar passion, drive, and love for the arts that would one day come to define Kelly herself.

“When Baby One More Time came out, this is so crazy, but that video literally changed my life,” Kelly gushes.

“I remember watching it and saying ‘wow, THAT is possible. The way people looked at Britney Spears, I wanted people to look up to me like that. I would watch her videos on repeat and try and dance like her,” she continues. “It was her energy that mesmerized me.”

Even at this young age, Kelly was very aware of how Britney Spears made her feel, and the impact she was able to have on millions of young women across the globe, helping them in some way feel good about themselves.

“I definitely have an old soul in that regard,” she discloses. “I noticed how everyone looked at her and I thought ‘imagine being that influential where people would look at me and want to want to dress, look, and move like me.’ It was so crazy that she could do that.”

That old soul was on full display on December 9th, 2001 when Don took Kelly to see their first Britney Spears concert at Boston’s TD Garden (back then the Fleet Center) for the Dream Within a Dream tour.

“You should have seen her!” Don says with a chuckle. “She put on a better show in the stands than Britney did on the stage!”

Image provided by the Brabants family

“That’s what dance did for me,” Kelly expresses. “I wanted dance to turn into that. I wanted it to be that avenue where I could have people look up to me, and I could create some of the same feelings for others that (Britney) did for me.”

“And then when it didn’t… that’s when I hit a really low point in my life.”

Big Cities of Dreams Part I – Manhattan

 As Kelly was concluding her senior year of high school, she continued to reach new heights with dance.

“I was doing thirteen dances in my competitions and I was with a really good studio. We were crushing it,” gushed Kelly.

So much so, that a crossroads in her life, was quickly approaching. Her mentors in dance were strongly encouraging her to move directly to Los Angeles to begin pursuing a professional career.

“I was constantly being told that I would be able to book all types of jobs if I just went for it.”

But Don and Neiva had other ideas. They wanted their daughter to at least try college, but more importantly, they wanted her closer to home.

“You have to understand,” Don explains. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to chase her dreams. I’ve always wanted all of my seven kids to do that. I just didn’t want her on the other side of the country where I couldn’t look after and protect her.”

Eventually, the family settled on Marymount College in Manhattan, where Kelly could continue to dance while receiving a structured education.

“Marymount was safe for me,” Kelly looks back now. “I had my dance classes in the morning and afternoon and my academic courses at night.”

Image: Mark James Dunn | MUA: Nelse Karini | Hair: Jano Rago | Location: Parker Cote Elite Fitness

As structured and safe as it was though, Kelly knew something was off. For the first time in her life, dance wasn’t making her feel like the four-year-old girl performing for her stuffed animal collection or the ten-year-old at a Britney Spears concert.

“I felt like the black sheep in the dance classes. I felt like I didn’t fit in,” Kelly surmises. “The dances weren’t making me feel the way I wanted to feel. That’s the thing, I already knew what I wanted to feel and what costumes I wanted to wear. I didn’t want to wait four years to be able to do the things I knew I wanted now.”

Kelly’s search to regain that feeling she knew would bring her to Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan. Here she would take as many classes as she possibly could, observing her surroundings as much as anything else.

“I was able to learn so much about what a class should look like by doing this,” she explains. “I paid attention to how students would react to the different instructors, how they would demonstrate a move, how they would interact with the class. This environment really helped give me the structure on how to run a class, and how to be a teacher.”

Image provided by Booty by Brabants

Yet, deep down Kelly knew New York wasn’t the place. So after a year in the Big Apple she decided it was time to head west and follow her dreams to LA.

After all, she rationalized: “Beyonce wasn’t going to care whether or not I got a four-year degree.”

Big Cities of Dreams Part II – Hollywood

Moving to Los Angeles was going to be the culmination of all of the hard work and sacrifices Kelly had made with dance since four years old.

“I had to prove to everyone, I had to prove to my family that everything I had worked for all of my life, everything I had given up was worth it,” Kelly says. “I wanted to show people, ‘see this is why I’m so different, this is why I worked so hard. It was all to get this one job.’ I didn’t know what that one job necessarily was, I just knew if it was going to happen for me, it was going to be in LA.”

Initially, Kelly planned to give an agency three months to find her solid work that would begin to build her portfolio towards bigger projects.

Image: Mark James Dunn | MUA: Nelse Karini | Hair: Jana Rago | Location: Parker Cote Elite Fitness

“Little did I know, it’s not that easy,” she admits. “You need headshots, you need contacts, you need a car to drive around, LA is huge.”

The transition from New York to LA was a lot harder than Kelly had imagined. Refusing to compromise any of the strong family values Don and Neiva had instilled in her since birth just to “get ahead” with an agency, Kelly further began to feel like the black sheep -the outsider- in the very industry she had dedicated her life to being a part of.

She was sleeping on a friend’s couch and working as a hostess on Sunset Blvd.

When she would inquire with her agency about upcoming opportunities, agents would respond by body shaming her and telling her she was not good enough for the part.

“I was doing crash diets and dancing myself into the ground,” Kelly emphasizes. “And for what? Just to make them happy.”

Kelly pauses at this point in our interview. She closes her eyes. You can tell she is reliving moments she hasn’t in years. She slowly opens them and in a whisper, carefully let’s out her next words..

“This is where I hit rock bottom.”

It is during the darkest moments that the truly great ones are able to maintain their focus to see the light. Kelly had spent her entire life hard-wiring her brain to be able to channel such focus when needed. Even though she found herself immersed in the negative vibes of a challenging industry, she also knew there was an outlet that could be the source to help bring her back.

Dance, in its purest form.

Image: Mark James Dunn | MUA: Nelse Karini | Hair: Jano Rago | Location: Parker Cote Elite Fitness

“I truly connected with one particular mentor of mine during my time living in NYC and then again in LA where I continued to take her class.” Kelly reveals. “Twenty-three hours a day sucked for me, but for one hour I would go to this dance class that was completely uplifting. This woman saw so much potential in me and it is what I needed at that time of my life.”

Kelly continues:

“I would go to her classes and just feel so good inside. She would make me believe in that one hour that I was valuable, and I had something special. Most of the time I felt like I had nothing. I know what it feels like to have a horrible day and to be so self-deprecating, I really was (at that time) that person to myself.

I know what it’s like feeling that I have nothing to offer and then walking into that class at 6pm and just feeling amazing. She would play Afrodisiac by Brandy and one day -I’ll never forget this- she did this move and in that class I did it too and I just remember feeling like the sexiest, best version of me.

I would go to her class and I would always be the first one signed up. It’s everything I needed to make me feel like I belonged somewhere.

I know what it feels like to not fit in, to not have friends, to not look the part, to feel like you don’t have purpose. And then, all of a sudden, this one teacher is able to make you black out for that one hour, and you forget all of those things holding you back. It reminds you how beautiful you really are.

It’s that feeling of fitting in and belonging that I hope I am able to give to other women, because I know what it feels like, I’ve been there myself.”

This uplifting instructor helped Kelly regain her sense of self-worth and a realization eventually hit her. Why was she busting her booty to appease other people? They weren’t paying her bills. And they certainly didn’t care about her.

“So I got on a plane, and came home to my family in Boston. And I haven’t been back to LA since.”

Life After Dance

Back living in the familiar surroundings and comfort of her parents’ home in North Easton, Kelly now faced, for the first time, the daunting reality of life without dance.

Whatever she was doing next, she knew she wanted it to be in a capacity of helping others. She wanted her career to be a place she could spread the nurturing support and inclusiveness her family had harbored in her and her siblings throughout life.

She wanted to be a source for others to experience those same feelings of joy that young Kelly had admiring Britney Spears and more recently that her dance instructor had nourished with her during those difficult times.

“No matter what I went through, I never stopped thinking big,” Kelly says. “My initial thought was to open a children’s dance studio, but it wasn’t realistic to do it the way I envisioned.”

So she went into fitness. With the support of her parents, Kelly buckled down, earned a host of Personal Training certificates within six months, and began working at Equinox in Boston.

“It was good for her,” Don says with a smile. “She was handing out towels, but she was back out there. She was back in the game.”

Relying on one of the oldest and most fortuitous skills in her toolbox -the good old-fashioned personality and ability to connect with others- Kelly quickly built up her own clientele at Equinox.

“I was doing well,” Kelly opines. “My clients loved me. I was attending their weddings, developing new friendships, starting to make some money. I got my own apartment and became a gym rat.”

The Birth of Booty by Brabants

Even with things beginning to take shape at Equinox (literally and figuratively), Kelly still knew there was something more meaningful in the universe for her.

“Everyone kept saying to me, ‘Oh my God your butt, your abs’ how can I train with you?” Kelly explains. “And I thought, why don’t I just rent out a small studio and invite our friends to take a class?”

Kelly had never really thought about teaching classes prior, but with her confidence coming back and a clear need -at least within her circle of friends- she figured why not give it a try.

Women especially were increasingly noticing the curves of her backside and constantly asking for advice on programs to help build out this feature on themselves.

“It’ll be called Booty By Brabants,” Kelly told everyone of her newly minted class.

Looking back, she says: “The name just came to me one day while sitting in the kitchen of my North End apartment with my best friend Libby, and I haven’t changed it since.”

For the initial classes Kelly would take what little money she was making and rent out a studio in downtown Boston for $75 an hour, not even charging her students.

“My confidence was coming back, and I felt like I could teach a class, but I wasn’t at a point yet where I thought I could charge for it,” she says. “So first I wanted to prove to my students and myself that I could do this.”

Her sister, Liz, now her right-hand woman with BBB, was working with a PR firm in Boston at the time and helped promote the initial classes among their shared networks.

“Basically I bullied all of our friends to show up,” Liz says laughing.

Whatever the tactics, Kelly and Liz were able to muster enough of a showing in those first classes allowing Liz to secure some pictures and videos to get her PR machine rolling. Before long she convinced Kelly they needed to be charging $5-10 per class.

“People will come,” she assured her older sister. “They LOVE you!”

And come they did.

Harnessing the lessons she learned years earlier when observing her favorite instructors and how they would interact with their students -the constant adaptation of classes to individual needs- Kelly made her own tweaks and enhancements by reading and reacting to how her own students were responding to her.

“I would spend hours choreographing all of my classes in my little apartment,” Kelly states. “If I felt a class could be better, I wouldn’t sleep until I made whatever improvements were necessary.”

Above all else though, she was making sure the experience was uplifting and everyone was going home feeling like the best version of themselves. Moreso than any move or technique done in class, it was that feeling she was giving her students that was catching on.

That feeling of inclusion, that they belonged, that no matter what was going on in life, in a Booty by Brabants class everyone fit in. They were part of something. It was the beginning stages of the BBB Community, and the city was really starting to notice.

Classes moved from the small downtown studio to the Seaport Boston Hotel, and soon outgrew that space as well. Then, some of the premiere boutique gyms in Boston came calling, and deals were worked out for Kelly to teach Booty by Brabants there.

One thing led to another, and in less than a year Kelly was teaching at least fifteen fully packed classes a week, with outdoor classes hitting up to 300 attendees at a time.

Booty by Brabants was officially one of the hottest fitness class in the city.

“Each class was selling out in less than thirty seconds,” Kelly recalls “I think where we really took off was creating an atmosphere and support system, where the combination of the class and community was making that happen.”

YOU Wear the Leggings, the Leggings Don’t Wear You

As word of BBB continued to spread, the women in class began to not only mimic Kelly’s movements but the way she was styling her outfits for class as well.

“It wasn’t that they were copying my style, but I was earning their trust,” Kelly says. “I always used to tell them, don’t be vanilla, add your personality to your outfits, if you look good and feel good, you’ll be more motivated to workout.”

You can say the Brabants women have always had a unique flair and style.

They owe that to their mother, Neiva. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Neiva would come back carrying suitcases filled with a treasure trove of Brazilian clothing and accessories for her girls whenever she returned from visiting her Motherland.

Always quick to spoil her children, Neiva took pride in perusing various boutiques to select Brazilian styles that weren’t available anywhere in America.

One trip, Neiva returned with a set of teelish green textured leggings, and before she knew it Kelly was handwashing them in the sink to wear to every class; this despite having a bureau full of other leggings she could have easily been wearing instead.

“I gravitated to them,” Kelly explains. “It was meant to be. The confidence and comfort these leggings provided while teaching was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. They changed my entire life.”

And of course the BBB community was noticing. EVERYONE was asking Kelly where they could secure a pair of their own.

“I’ll try and look online and find you some,” Kelly promised her students.

She tried for months, but none came close to matching the comfort, functionality, and charisma of that teelish green gem Neiva had brought home months prior.

At that point, Kelly knew what she was meant to do next.

‘You Wanna Put MY Last Name on Every Girls What??’

 Kelly burst into her parents’ house, racing to meet Don at his home bar, eager to tell him all about her new business concept.

She couldn’t get the words out of her mouth fast enough: “Dad, we’re going to sell leggings! There is nothing else like these anywhere, all the girls are going to buy them and we’re going to put Booty by Brabants on the back of each one!”

“I told her ‘slow down kid you wanna put my last name on every girls’ what?’” Don says now laughing. “I did not want to have my last name on rear ends.”

That’s exactly what Kelly was telling her father. She pulled out a cocktail napkin and etched a rough drawing of what she envisioned for a logo, an upside-down heart doubling as the “o’s” in Booty.

That original sketch, with a few refinements from her graphic designer, remains the logo to this day.

Don’s initial thoughts of the actual concept were secondary to his desire of supporting his daughter’s idea, so he figured why not help her out with a small run?

“Sure,” Don shrugs. “Joey (Kelly’s older brother who now spearheads the shipping and warehouse operations full-time) and I figured she’d have a handful of orders each week and we would just run them over to the post office as they came in.”

The initial test run was quick to sell out in the locker room after Kelly’s class one day, and within no time, the first Booty by Brabants site was live, with Don putting together the first official makeshift warehouse in his basement for BBB.

“I still didn’t necessarily understand it,” Don admits. “But that’s when I knew she had something.”

Image: Mark James Dunn | MUA: Nelse Karini | Hair: Jano Rago | Location: Parker Cote Elite Fitness

All in the Family

It wasn’t unusual for Don to be pitched a business concept like the one his daughter had just brought him.

By an age where most people in this day are choosing to finish up a 2nd degree, Don had already started and sold a major company, the first of many businesses he would play a hand in engineering.

In the mid-70’s, Don and his business partner, Fran Labrecque -Kelly’s Godfather- started an innovative company, ADAP Auto Parts, which they eventually sold to Rite Aid, and was an early precursor to modern day Auto Zone.

It’s easy to see where a lot of Kelly’s business acumen originates, even if her and Don haven’t always agreed.

“Sometimes when I am talking to Kelly, if I close my eyes, I can picture her father Don speaking,” Fran says. “They’re both innovators in business and they both strive to be better. Don and Kelly share the same tenacity not to be told they can’t do something, and no matter what they do on Monday, they go back on Tuesday and do it better.”

“We still don’t always agree,” Don adds with a grin. “But she’s a passionate maniac.”

That passion doesn’t fall from the tree. As a kid growing up in Southie, Don learned many hustles he pursued with zest.

“Everything is a business in Southie,” he says. “You should have seen me as a young boy selling newspapers on the corner.”

Don’s five decades of experience in business sharpened a particular skillset in importing goods that took him all over the globe from China to Taiwan to, yes, Brazil.

“Importing is importing.” Don explains. “It doesn’t matter if I’m doing beans, steels, or leggings.”

In fact, it was on one of these importing trips when Don and a few of the guys decided to head over to the Brazil’s famous Carnivale Festival for a weekend of fun in Rio where her met his now wife of more than 30 years: Mrs. Neiva Brabants.

“If it wasn’t for my mother’s love and support there is no way I would have been able to do the majority of the things I have wanted to in life,” Kelly exclaims. “Whenever my Dad and I are butting heads, she is the one that helps convince him to let me try things my way.”

In more ways than one, Booty by Brabants is not where it is without Neiva. Much of the love and care that goes into the quality control is the brainchild of Neiva, and she continues to provide valuable input, always ensuring the brand maintains its Brazilian authenticity.

And if it wasn’t for Neiva, we wouldn’t have those leggings! Those original teelish-green leggings Neiva found years ago, the ones that polarized women throughout Boston was not by accident. She knows how to find styles that resonate with her daughters.

Image: Mark James Dunn | MUA: Nelse Karini | Hair: Jano Rago | Location: Parker Cote Elite Fitness

Nor was it an accident when Neiva brought Kelly to Rio to meet with the woman who designs and owns the boutique those leggings came from.

“I told the designer my idea for what I wanted Booty by Brabants and the leggings to be, and she loved it,” Kelly says. “Her and I have stayed loyal to each other from when we first met eight years ago. She has since closed her boutique and works exclusively, full-time with me designing and manufacturing BBB leggings.”

With leggings importing in and flying out of the warehouse at record rates, brother Joey soon put all other projects aside to oversee the shipping and logistics for BBB. Kelly’ older sister Michelle, a mother of three great kids (Kelly’s niece and nephews who also work for BBB in between academics and sports) and a former dispatch at the local police department, was also recruited by the family business at this time. Michelle’s bubbly, energetic personality paired with her years of professional experience in communication allows BBB’s customer service department to thrive and deliver a personal, top-notch experience.

Image provided by Booty by Brabants

And others, perhaps not family by blood, have become family by bond in the BBB business, such as Hannah Wieckowski (marketing), Eileen Rappold (finance), Mikaela Norman (executive assistant), Andrea Silva (warehouse manager), among others, who are as dedicated and involved as could-be in the BBB business.

BostonMan Magazine has had the pleasure of meeting and working with many of Kelly’s “Day 1’s” for this feature. We witnessed the magic chemistry the team has together for the cover shoot, which consisted of BBB rock stars Mark James Dunn (Photographer), Nelse Karini (MUA), Jana Rago (Hair) and Jack Skelley (Video).

At the center of all if for Kelly though, is her right-hand woman: “Everything I do goes through Liz. She is the first person I consult with. There isn’t a single project we do that does not have her input.”

Kelly’s vision is to always be bigger, and Liz’s expertise in PR, marketing, and advertising is a major part of the engine delivering the expansion. You can also often find Liz side-by-side with Kelly in many of the Booty by Brabants workouts, not just keeping up with, but helping to push her big sister to greater heights.

But it goes much deeper than that: “Liz is a big reason the BBB community is able to experience those feelings of inclusion. I couldn’t do this without her.”

BBB x The Pandemic

 “I didn’t panic,” Kelly tells me when asked about her initial reaction of the world shut down last March. “It was only going to be three months.”

The pop-up shops had to close, but Kelly’s mind, not one to ever rest, immediately transitioned to finding solutions to make sure her employees would be taken care of over the next ninety days.

The family got together, six feet apart, and sat around a conference table brainstorming ideas. One thing Kelly was pretty sure she didn’t want to do was perform virtual fitness videos at home.

But after a few weeks of isolation, the BBB community was reaching out. Depression, anxiety and uncertainty were creeping in for many of the women who had come to rely on the sisterhood of BBB to help them through their days, to help them feel special. To remind them how to be the best version of themselves.

“This is so much bigger than me, and how I feel I look in front of a camera,” Kelly reflects. “People were going through it. So I stripped away my insecurities. I thought, if I could help even a few women in our community, in a time of need, then who am I not to do it?”

Image provided by Booty by Brabants

So, one evening in the end of March, she positioned her iPhone to selfie mode, set the Sonos speaker in her living room to her favorite playlist and conducted her first ever IG Live workout class.

“I honestly thought it would be twenty people,” Kelly says.

Within minutes 500 people were jumping around, dancing, and doing booty rolls with Kelly from their living rooms, and the next night it was another 1,700 people.

As it turns out, it was not just the BBB community that had previously reached out to Kelly who were struggling with quarantine and the pandemic.

It was an entire nation of women and men who were having horrible days. They were scared. They didn’t feel included. They didn’t know what was next. They felt like they had nothing. Their businesses were closing -some forever- they were isolated from their families, and many of them were questioning their purpose. They felt like outsiders and black sheep in their own homes, the worst kind of feeling. They were lonely.

The great Simon & Garfunkel in the song, Mrs. Robinson, asks “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you?”

When Kelly Brabants went live on IG for the first time in Spring 2020, a nation turned its lonely eyes to her. It needed, if for only one hour, to feel good again. It needed something to hold on to.

And just like that, the reach and power of Booty by Brabants multiplied by factors that could have never been imagined from her in-person classes. Kelly could have filled Fenway Park for a class and it still would not have had the same impact that those IG Live workouts had.

You see, the truth is, it’s never been about the leggings.

“If that one piece of textured material gives you that added confidence to go out and conquer life, then who gives a shit about the leggings,” Kelly explains. “It’s about how they make you feel and how you are able to present yourself while wearing them. You wear the leggings; the leggings don’t wear you.”

Booty by Brabants is about being empowered, about realizing that no matter how tough things are, you can pick yourself up and shine. Kelly Brabants knows. She’s been through all of it.

Always Thinking Bigger

 “We’re Irish,” Don says. “So you better believe luck and prayer play a factor in everything we do. During the pandemic it was in many ways a perfect storm for the business. But it was all the hard work and her (Kelly’s) passion that got us to that moment.”

With the IG classes taking off, Kelly now had a new outlet to preview and release her product lines.

“It exploded,” she humbly states.

BBB started selling more leggings than ever and Kelly’s newfound comfort in teaching classes in front of a camera opened the door for a new digital business.

The Booty by Brabants app was launched winter 2021, featuring unlimited workouts, motivational accountability programs and most importantly, premium access to Kelly and the rest of the BBB community.

Image provided by Booty by Brabants

Body by Brabants, the refreshing new energy drink, premiered in January, and -to no surprise- everyone absolutely loves it. There are plans to one day dive deeper into the nutritional health and supplement world, but as Kelly says: “that will happen when the time is right.”

The pop-ups stores, now re-opened and back operating close to full swing, will see new locations in the near future as well.

The focus, and every new initiative, will always continue to be about the strength of the BBB community, the charities they partner with, and that feeling of inclusion.

Power in Family

As humans, we often fall into the trap of overthinking things.

A lot has been written about Kelly Brabants; her passion, her successes, and understanding the “secret formula” of how she does what she does.

The most common characteristics of entrepreneurs -motivation, creativity, persuasiveness, vision, versatility, risk tolerance, flexibility, and decisiveness- Kelly undoubtedly has her version of all of that.

But with Kelly Brabants, maybe it’s actually not that complicated. Maybe the greatest characteristic of all is simply having a good heart.

Knowing that thrill of watching Baby One More Time for the gazillionth time and wanting others to experience it as well.

Knowing that feeling of being uplifted in a class when you’ve had a bad day, and wanting nothing more than to share that with as many people as possible.

Knowing what its like to be in a relationship with a man who is head over heels about you and wanting all women to be able to have the same.

And knowing how blessed you are to have been raised by the most loving and supportive of parents with an army of siblings as your best friends. That’s Kelly Brabants.

That’s Power in Family.

Image provided by the Brabants family

Jules VL contributed to interviews for this story.

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