Say Gerv? I go to the strip club every week and my favorite dancer Candy spends the whole time I’m there with me. I think she really likes me. Should I ask her out?

 Joe – Marshfield, MA

Joe, the things I do and the lengths I will go to for my Boston men. To answer your question, I felt the need to get the full experience so with $100 in my pocket, in singles of course, I headed to the gentleman’s club (not strip club, we are sophisticated men) where I met Vegas, not the city but a sinner none the less. After some great conversation, butt hugs and a lap dance, my answer is yes! Ask Candy out. What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing I say. I’m assuming you’ve asked out plenty of women. You’ve probably tried the dating sites, even went out on a couple of blind dates.  I will also assume the results have all been the same…no relationship. I know what the nay sayers will say. “Don’t do it, she’s only being nice because she has to be; she’s only talking to you because she wants your money; she’s only paying you attention because it’s her job.” That’s all true, but I say this. You have a girl you see every week, she spends quality time with you and she enjoys your company. Sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship to me. Now if you start dating Candy just make sure you stop visiting her at work. That’s not your hang out spot anymore it’s your girlfriends place of employment. If you end up marrying Candy, I will be expecting an invitation for two to the wedding. Vegas said she loves weddings.

Say Gerv? What is the proper role of a wingman?

Steve – Quincy, MA

Steve, a wingman is your selfless friend, eye in the sky, bodyguard and right hand man all rolled into one. A great wingman never leaves you behind and will do what needs to be done to see you succeed and talk to the hot girl when you’re out. The best wingman I ever had is my buddy Troy.  I know I’m going to have a great night when I’m with him because Stacy does it all. When we’re out and we see a hot girl and her girlfriend, Troy goes into wingman mode. If the hot girl is checking me out he will point her out to me. If her friend is trying to pull her away, he will run interference. If her friend is looking lonely, he will talk to her. If her friend wants some loving, he will make the ultimate sacrifice and take a bullet for me. Hell, I’ve seen him take multiple shots in one night. You couldn’t ask for anything more in your wingman, but make no mistake, there will be times when you have to return the favor. Nights when you will play the role of the wingman. Key moments when you will have to jump on a grenade for your buddy and take one for the team. Oh and don’t worry. The pain, nightmares and mental scars will heal with time. Mine did.

Say Gerv? My co-worker has the worst case of bad breath. Everyone knows it, but no one wants to tell her. Even with a mask on. What should I do?

Nick – East Boston, MA

Come on Nick! You know what you have to do. Tell your co-worker that she’s got the dragon, burning tires on her tongue, she’s farting topside, melting the mustache, a dementor in her mouth (hahaha I like that one). I guess the first question is why wouldn’t you tell her? Obviously, it bothers you. Do you think it’s rude to tell her? Well let me tell you it isn’t. It’s rude to have your nostrils assaulted by a friend’s halitosis. You want to do it the discreet way, offer her some gum or a mint. If she refuses, you insist she takes it. Tell her, “Hey lady you just had some garlic and onions for lunch, take this,” and force a piece of gum in her hand. Or you can man up and say, “Hey sis, your breath is kicking! You might want to do something about that.” Trust me, she’ll respect you for it. If my breath is ever funky or I have food in my teeth or a boogie in my nose, I would hope that someone would tell me. But people never do, that’s why I carry a little mirror in my pocket. Don’t judge me, I have to look out for myself since the rest of you jerks won’t. How about you stop being a co-worker and start being a friend? And if that didn’t motivate you, how about it’s just the right thing to do!


Gervase Peterson has made history as the first African-American male in the #1 all-time reality series Survivor. Hollywood is no stranger to Gervase as well after appearing and co-hosting with several national television programs.