And Just Like That it is Springtime in Boston! We have made it through the cold, snowy, dark and dreary New England winter. We have also made it through the Pandemic, and are now beginning to enjoy venturing out without restrictions, which has been a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively.

We all know the term “Spring Cleaning.” The definition of spring cleaning is “a thorough cleaning of a house or room.” I am not too sure about how or where or when this ritual started, but I do know that spring cleaning is very liberating for many people. New Year’s resolutions have most likely faded at this time of year and many people are beginning to look for a fresh start and renewed motivation.

So what exactly could “spring cleaning” mean to the BostonMan? For many, it is a time to reassess and reorganize your life in order to grow in a positive way as an individual. Here are five sure-fire tips that will help all of us Bostonians get a positive jumpstart in our lives this spring: 

  1. Clean Your Relationships: End bonds with toxic people. Get in touch with old friends that you want to reconnect with. Prioritize your time with loved ones because life is short and time is precious. Spending time with loved ones increases happiness and decreases anxiety.

  2. Straighten Out Your Finances: Refresh your budget. Pay off debt. Perhaps get a second job if necessary to help pay off this debt or save for a special trip you have always wanted to embark on or a luxury item you have been drooling over. Invest if you can. Start to save for a “rainy day” if you previously have not.

  3. Declutter Your Mind: Multi-task less. I know, I know Boston Man how hard it can be to multi-task less, especially where I am the queen of multi-tasking. However, having the tendency to “over-do it” can fill your mind with an enormous amount of stressful thoughts. Pick a day to clear your schedule and try to do something fun, or do absolutely “nothing” at all. Try to allot some time each day for quiet time or self-care. You can read, journal, write, meditate, or watch reality television. (like I do)

  4. Spruce Up Your Diet: Eating healthier has been proven to increase energy levels and productivity. I personally try to follow the 80/20 eating rule each day, which means that I eat 80% healthy and 20% of items I consider treats, such as a cookie or some potato chips. Add more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals and snacks. Try out new recipes or different “healthier” options at your favorite restaurants.

  5. Revamp Your Technology: Go through your phone, tablets, computers, social media accounts, apps, contacts, and photos. Unfriend and unfollow anyone and anything that brings negativity into your life. Keep everything and everyone that brings you light and love BostonMan.

Image by Merissa Conley

Everything seems to come alive during the Spring months. It is never too late to start over, and you are never too old to begin again and improve your life for personal growth.

As Carrie Bradshaw said, “Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.”  I wish you nothing but happiness, joy, and lots of sunshine BostonMan readers.


Tiffany Giannato is a mother, fashionista, stylist, and shopping addict! Her blogs, pictorials, and fashion tips are aimed towards empowering both women and men to look and feel their best regardless of age. Her “you can be as trendy at 61 as you were at 21” mantra has taken Boston by storm! A true Italian, Tiffany believes family, love, food, and style are always the keys to happiness!

This Toast of the Town is written and dedicated by Tiffany in memory of her grandfather, Carmen Giannato, and the continued fight against Alzheimer’s. Click on this image to learn more.