The season of Spring is a time for growth and renewal, almost like the state the world is in currently; continuing to rebuild since the pandemic struck over a year ago.

The distribution of the vaccine has given people hope that life may soon get “back to normal.” However, the economic devastation and repercussions being felt everywhere from big cities to small towns is tremendous.

Now, with that being said, we know Boston is strong. Don’t you agree BostonMan? Although it can be overwhelming to think about how we get our city back on track we can all take small steps to help the rebuild.

Think of these three words: Dreams, Inspiration, and Course of Action. What does this mean exactly?.

Everyone has dreams for how they would like the city of Boston to be. Dreams are usually based on what inspires you… correct? When you’re inspired, you take action steps to make these dreams materialize.

Although many of us are swimming in a sea of unknowns either from being out of work or being fearful of what the future holds, research shows that the act of giving, known as altruism, makes you feel happy, healthier, more productive -it gives life meaning.

BostonMan, if you’re thinking about how much you want to help rebuild Boston, but want help on where to begin.. Well, that is why I am writing this article.

I’ll help you take some small steps that will help better our city.

  1. If you own a business: Continue to build customer loyalty and trust with reassurance that things are slowly getting back on track. Offer incentives, discounts, and special offers that will drive business which will strengthen the economy in the city.
  2. Send a $5 or $10 gift card to a friend from your favorite restaurant to get lunch from. It is a small gesture that won’t break the bank and will provide your friend with a little surprise. Most people will end up spending a bit more than what the gift card is worth which will help boost someone’s small business.
  3. Give a shoutout on social media! It is free and takes less than a minute to do. It will also help people become familiar with a business they may not have even been aware it existed.
  4. Get take out or try to dine out once a week. There are so many budget friendly options out there currently for dining. If you are not comfortable with dining indoors yet, try and eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner outside or order take out, which also is a help to city restaurants.
  5. Choose a local charity that is close to your heart. Donate your time, skills, items you no longer need or want, or help them to raise money. I am a board member with The Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and I can not even begin to tell you how amazing I feel when I accomplish fundraising goals for them.

As Carrie Bradshaw once said: “Maybe the best any of us can d0 is not quit, play the hand we’ve been given, and accessorize the outfit we got.”

So with that in mind BostonMan, let’s play the hand we have been dealt, take small steps this Spring to rebuild Boston, and look forward to Summer 2021 in our beautiful city.

Both images by Merissa Conley



Tiffany Giannato is a mother, fashionista, stylist, and shopping addict! Her blogs, pictorials, and fashion tips are aimed towards empowering both women and men to look and feel their best regardless of age. Her “you can be as trendy at 61 as you were at 21” mantra has taken Boston by storm! A true Italian, Tiffany believes family, love, food, and style are always the keys to happiness!