Born and raised right in Winthrop, former Boston Bruins Ice Girl Deanna Buonomo grew up as more of a tom boy than a girly-girl. From playing street hockey with her family to catching every B’s game the family could, Deanna grew up not far from Logan airport in a world that revolved around two things: hockey and family. 

So it’s no surprise she wound up skating on that very ice she loved watching the major league games on growing up. “We used to play street hockey in the yard, and I have thirteen cousins (more than most of them are boys), so I always got the end of the stick where I would have to stand in the goal in the little pink dress that my mom would dress me in and they would all just shoot the hockey puck at my face!” says Deanna, who told us actually applied five times before being accepted as a Boston Bruins Ice Girl (never give up!). 

Yet as she learned, being an Ice Girl is far more than just tossing tee shirts. Much to her delight, Deanna found that being an Ice Girl means becoming a larger part of the Boston athletic community through working with various charity organizations, supporting the team at promotional events, and so much more. Off the ice, Deanna fell head over skates in love with Boston Red Sox pitcher Austin Maddox, and has combined her love of giving back to her community and love for her boyfriend in one. “Over the winter, we got to go to Tufts and visit all the children that were fighting illnesses and were going to be in there for Christmas,” she explained, and how being able to bring joy to the children brought them as a couple happiness as well. 

As a Bruins Ice Girl, Deanna Buonomo had the opportunity to work with and give back to many Boston based non-profits and charities.

So, what’s it like being a Red Sox players’ girlfriend? Deanna says you have to be ready to roll, whether it’s flying south to Florida to support your man for Spring Training or keeping track of that busy game & travel schedule. However, all that hard work paid off at the end of the season when Deanna says she enjoyed a beautiful moment in watching Austin walk across the field to receive his World Series ring. “It was surreal,” she explained, with a bright smile. Luckily, the pair also has a little cutie to keep them company during that off-season: their shared doggo, a Bernedoodle named Ruger Maddox (@_rugiebear_) that also just so happens to be a Bruins fan himself. Favorite hobbies: eating grass, trips to Florida and sticking his head through the doggie door!


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